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 2017 Goal Keeping Training Schedule

  2017 Goal keeping training schedule

Starting March 14th at Boise Valley 7th Day Adventist Church
GK Training Schedule:


  • Tuesdays: Girls Goal Keeping Training
  • 5:30-6:30pm (1997-2003)
  • 6:30-7:30pm (2004-2007)
  • Thursdays: Boys Goal Keeping Training
  • 5:30-6:30pm (1997-2003)
  • 6:30-7:30pm (2004-2007)

 John William Jackson Fund

  John william Jackson fund


Congratulations to Emmanuel Irudukunda, Manasse Mbuyi, Stive Ndabarishe, Valerie Landeros Marquez, Bailey Blancett, and Hailey Hill for receiving scholarship funds from the John William Jackson Fund which is affiliated with the Idaho Community Foundation. These funds will be used to offset these players BNT Club fees. This grant was awarded to our club this year in honor of Craig Elsberry who also graduated with John from our Club in 1994.

The John William Jackson Fund was established in memory of John William Jackson in 2000 by friends and family. John was a member of the 1994 Boise Nationals Soccer Team, and he was an accomplished soccer player. He had many interests including music and rock climbing/mountaineering. The John William Jackson Fund distributes grants annually to support its mission of advancing academic excellence, performing arts and outdoor sporting for Idaho youth which were among the varied interests of John Jackson.

Thank you to the John William Jackson Fund for providing support to our players so they can enjoy the game of soccer as John and Craig did when they played for our Club. We are so thankful to have had such amazing role models that exhibited the character, enthusiasm and passion of a Boise Nationals Timbers Soccer Player.

 BNT Staff Attend National Youth Course

  BNT Staff Attend National Youth Course


Over the weekend of February 22nd to the 26th, four of our Boise Nationals Coaches attended the US Youth Soccer National Youth Coaching Course. According to the US Youth Soccer Website:

The National Youth Coaching Course is designed to provide club directors of coaching, youth coaches, physical education teachers, and soccer administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments for children aged 4-12.

The role of the coach as a facilitator is explored; the physical, mental and emotional needs and capabilities of players from 4-12 are explored; the lessons from developmental psychology are explored; and the art of teaching is explored. Candidates are videotaped for analysis during live training sessions.

Boise Nationals Timbers coaches and directors were in attendance including Brad Thorne, Yana Maxwell, Matthew Billings, and TJ Thaemert.

How was this course different than others that you have attended in the past?

Coach Maxwell: I have taken a few courses from US Soccer and what really stood out for me in this course was the focus on the players.  This course was one of the first that discussed age appropriate activities from 6-U to 12-U. I also enjoyed the focus on using guided discovery in training session and how to ask guided questions. Instead of telling our players what to do, asking guided questions and asking them to show us will help develop decision-making in our players. I also enjoyed the group review of our videoed training sessions. Feedback is something we ask our players to receive but rarely as coaches we are offered detailed feedback and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing sessions and ways to be more effective as a coach with a group of peers.

Boise Nationals Timbers monetarily provides for our coaches to train and further their development; we believe this positively attributes to our players’ development and success and overall experience.

Go Nationals!

   Nationals Send Directors to NSCAA Convention

  Nationals Send Directors to NSCAA Convention

Annually, Nationals will send our Directors to the NSCAA Convention to learn about the latest training for soccer players from top coaches. The NSCAA is National Soccer Coaches Association of America and is the "world’s largest soccer coaches’ organization that serves members at every level of the game.The NSCAA works every day to inspire coaches and ignite their passion for the game so they pass it on to players and others in the soccer community." This year, Nationals sent our Youth Director, TJ Thaemert, and Club Director, Matt Billings. Matt Billings had the following to say about his experience: 
  1. What do opportunities mean for the club? What advantages does it bring to our players? The NSCAA Convention is a tremendous way to stay up with the ever evolving trends of today's modern soccer game and it encompasses the components, we as the Boise Nationals Timbers deem necessary to continue the progression of our club.
  2. Who were your favorite presenters and topics? My favorite presentation was made from the current assistant manager for the Welsh Men's National Team and he spoke about an ever growing trend of the use of the 3-4-3 in the modern game. I always find it interesting how different nations/teams take the same concept and make it their own.
  3. Anything in particular you would like to share? An interview that I had the pleasure of sitting in was with Jurgen Klinsmann. My respect grew for him considering that he made the commitment to attend the NSCAA convention before he was let go from the position of US Men's National Team manager. He had some very interesting incite towards his time with the American team and what he hope for soccer in our country as we move onto the next generation of players and direction.
The NSCAA holds an annual convention where coaches can grow, discuss, and develop. For more information on this years' convention please see the following link:


   Sunday 2/5 Futsal Time Change

  Sunday 2/5 Futsal Time Change

In order for BNT families to watch the Super Bowl, we will be changing our futsal time for Sunday 2/5 earlier. Times for Sunday 2/5 only:

12:00 - 1:00pm   2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Girls

1:00 - 2:00pm      2008/2009 Boys

2:00 - 3:00pm      2006/2007 Boys

3:00 - 4:00pm      2004/2005 Boys


If you have any questions please contact TJ Thaemert at or call the BNT office at 208-342-2249.


   2017 Futsal Schedule

  2017 Futsal Schedule

Our winter futsal season is upon us and we are elated to get out of the snow/rain/ice and begin playing!! Below are the dates and times for winter Futsal 2017 at Timberline High School. 

NOTE!  Some age groups have been combined and times have been changed. 

2017 Dates-

1/7 - Futsal (Cancelled by Boise School District)

1/15 - No Futsal Holiday Weekend

1/22 - Futsal

1/29 - Futsal

2/5 - Futsal

2/12 - Futsal

2/19 - No Futsal Holiday Weekend

2/26 - Futsal 

*3/5 - Futsal - Make-up for 1/7


3:00 - 4:00 pm    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Girls

4:00 - 5:00 pm    2008/2009 Boys

5:00 - 6:00 pm    2007/2006 Boys

6:00 - 7:00 pm    2004/2005 Boys


Timberline High School
701 E. Boise Ave, Boise, Idaho 83706

Parking: large school parking lot off Apple Street
Enter through main athletic entrance doors below "Timberline Wolves" sign
Auxiliary Gym

Please bring water bottle with name

Please contact TJ Thaemert with any questions at

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      Fustal Cancelled January 8th

  Fustal cancelled january 8th

Futsal is cancelled this Sunday, January 8th.  Boise School District has cancelled all in-building activities this weekend, including futsal at Timberline High School.  Please feel free to contact T.J. Thaemert with any questions at


Search for "Boise Nationals Soccer Club Inc" from the listed charities and shop! AmazonSmile will remember your charity every time you visit
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 Shop with AmazonSmile

  Shop with amazonsmile

Last minute shopping? Donate to Boise Nationals Timbers while you shop through Amazon Smile! The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Search for "Boise Nationals Soccer Club Inc" from the listed charities and shop! AmazonSmile will remember your charity every time you visit

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Search for "Boise Nationals Soccer Club Inc" from the listed charities and shop! AmazonSmile will remember your charity every time you visit
Don't forget to bookmark your page!  Go Nationals!


 Winter Futsal Registration Open!

  Winter Futsal REgistration Open!

Sessions begin on January 8th, 2017 thru February 26th at the Timberline High School Auxiliary Gym. Times vary by age group - please select the appropriate age/time slot when registering. Ages include 2004-2008 Boys and 2005-2008 Girls. 

Cost is $30/player and includes six 1-hour sessions.. 

Register at this link:



 Jackson Hole Fall Classic 2016

  Jackson Hole Fall Classic 2016

BNT had eight of our competitive teams compete in the Jackson Hole Fall Classic on the weekend of September 23-25, 2016. Of those eight teams, six of our teams either were finalists or won the tournament. Coach Gian Torres’ team, the U12B Green, participated in an all-BNT final in the U12B Gold Bracket and were crowned finalists. Coach Torres said the following of his teams’ experience:

“For many, this could have been the first time where they may have experienced the most possible outcomes in a tournament. They lost a game, they won a game, they won a semifinal, and lost in penalties the championship game. Not many players get to go through all that, and in solely one tournament, a few. I’m glad that these players got to experience all that because it’ll help them not just on the field, but also off of it. Being responsible when going out-of-state for a tournament, what time curfew is, the proper nutrition needed pre and post-game, playing with players they’ve never played with before, all that will help them become better people. I felt for combining three teams and turning them into one, I felt we played well and stepped up when we had to. There were many positives out of the tournament, players got to see new positions and some solidified a position to be theirs, and as a coach, I feel that I now know my strongest starting lineup with the proper rotations already in set. Following the tournament, our goals are the same, which are to better ourselves individually so we can become a stronger unit every day.”

Congratulations to all teams that were able to participate in the tournament! Here are the results for all of our BNT teams:


 Golf Scholarship Scramble

  Golf Scholarship Scramble

This year we had a great turnout to our BNT annual golf scramble! Our club was able to generate over 15% of our total scholarship fund for players in need. Over 20 of our players benefit from our scholarship fund each year. At BNT we are aware of the importance of children being able to participate in soccer, regardless of the ability to pay. At this year’s Golf Scramble we were very pleased that a third of our BNT coaches personally participated and donated to the event. Coach Yana Maxwell discussed her participation in the event by saying, “Every year there has been at least one player on my team that has benefited from the scholarship fund. Without the fund, these players would not have the ability to play or be a part of the team. I am proud to participate and contribute to an event like the Golf Scramble to give players the chance to play soccer and be valued teammates.”

Were you not able to participate? Every year BNT hosts a series of fundraisers to raise money for our scholarship fund. Our next fundraising event is the annual BNT auction which is set to take place on April 13th, 2017!

Thank you, and go Nationals! 


 Teammates Needed for 2005/2006 Girls Team

  Teammates Needed for 2005/2006 Girls Team

BNT is currently looking to fill our 2005/2006 girls combo team! Led by coaches Andi McCreath and Haley Hill, whom both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are hopeful to fill the team with players that are able to improve, learn, and grow together. Please see below for more details on Coach Andi and Haley. If you know of any players that are interested please contact our Club Director, Matthew Billings, at


 Boise Nationals Timbers GK Training

  Boise Nationals Timbers GK Training

Goal Keeper Training will begin on Tuesday August 16th and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the season at the 7th Day Adventist Church on field 2N.  

  • 2007-2006 boys and girls- 5:30-6:15pm 
  • 2005-2002 boys and girls- 6:15-7:00pm


 Portland Timbers Select Adrian Arguello

  Portland Timbers Select Adrian Arguello

Adrian Arguello is the latest Boise Nationals Timbers player to be recognized by the Portland Timbers. Adrian follows in the footsteps of Blake Bodily a current Timbers 2 player after he was selected to join the Timbers Academy after a July trial.    DOC Matt Billings says “Adrian is a perfect example of BNT’s development philosophies at work, as well as the Timbers Alliance.  Our goal is to develop the best players on and off the field and Adrian personifies this. As DOC you try and promote your players to the next level whatever that is for each player.  You continue to evolve your training and curriculum and having players promoted is not only validation for that player but for our program.  We will miss Adrian, but could not be more proud that his talent and hard work was recognized and he is taking another step toward his soccer goals.”

Adrian started with BNT at U9.  At that time there was no U10 league so the only option was to join the U11 Inter pool.  The following season Adrian stayed at U11 joining BNSC Arsenal coached by Technical Director Brad Thorne.  Adrian stayed with the Arsenal team for his U11, U12, and U13 years and then joined Madrid where he stayed until U15.  Coach Thorne said of Adrian, “It was clear from the moment that Adrian stepped on the field that he was a special player, and the only question for me was if Adrian would allow himself to reach his potential.  He has started to reach that potential, and I think what is incredible is he is just scratching the surface.”    Adrian was a State Champion each year and got the opportunity to play in Far West Regionals each year, as well as other top regional tournaments.  Through Idaho ODP Adrian was also able to play for the Region IV pool, and travel to places like Costa Rica and Argentina to compete.  Coach Thorne described Adrian as “a combination of intelligence, and strength, and speed and skill.” 

Adrian got the benefit of great coaching from the likes of, Brad Thorne, Jon Curry, Shane Carmody, Erin Luthy, Bill Taylor and BNT DOC Matt Billings to name a few.  Adrian has expressed how grateful he was for all of his coaches who taught him, supported and pushed him.   “Boise Nationals is the best club in Idaho, with the best coaches and players.  I cannot thank the club enough; it has been a huge part of my life.”  Adrian said, “I am excited to start with the Timbers, but It is kind of sad that I will not be playing with my team and friends this year.  I will miss my teammates, but I have their support and that means a lot to me.  I know they will continue to be the best, and maybe join me at the Timbers at some point”. 

Soccer is a family affair for Adrian so while he heads to the Portland Timbers Academy his family will be staying in Idaho.  Adrian’s has two brothers Damian, and Fabian who are current BNT players, and talented in their own right.  He also has a younger brother Sabastian who is a few years away from his BNT debut. The support that Adrian has received from his family, specifically his parents, Mari a long time BNT manager, and Oscar and all around great soccer father has prepared him to take this next step.  Adrian’s parents told BNT “We are so proud of Adrian, and will miss him tremendously, but we know that this is something that he has worked hard at, and as parents all we can do is support and encourage him every step of the way.”

The Boise Nationals Timbers wishes Adrian the best as he continues his journey. We know you will do great things and represent himself, his family, BNT and Idaho soccer as he always has.  


 Boise Nationals Timbers Teams Up with The Stereo Shoppe!

  BOISE NATIONALS Timbers Teams Up with The Stereo Shoppe!

Boise Nationals Soccer Club and The Stereo Shoppe have announced a 2-year partnership. Mirroring professional clubs and leading youth clubs around the nation, The Stereo Shoppe will be BNSC’s second ever kit sponsor, for the 2016-17 & 2016-17 playing seasons. The Stereo Shoppe logo will appear on all of BNSC’s competitive jerseys.
"We're thrilled to partner with Boise Nationals Timbers," said Raymond Verveckken & Craig Adams, owners of The Stereo Shoppe. "As a locally owned business, it's important to us to support community events, and youth soccer is a special interest. Boise Nationals Timbers Soccer Club supports physical fitness, teamwork, commitment sportsmanship and Family. Those are also our values and we're pleased to support BNSC's goals.

“I have no doubt The Stereo Shoppe will be a great partner for the Boise Nationals Timbers,” said Matt Billings, Director of Coaching for Boise Nationals Timbers. “Their involvement and support will better enable us to provide excellence to our families. We are very appreciative of The Stereo Shoppe’s support of our club and our kids.”

Boise Nationals Timbers is Idaho’s oldest youth soccer club.  This season, BNSC won 10 of 14 available State Cup titles, qualified 11 teams to Far West Regionals.
Since 1976, The Stereo Shoppe has been the trusted source for high performance audio-video experiences through unparalleled customer service and the finest quality high-performance products available.The Stereo Shoppe also has a rich history in the Treasure Valley serving the community for over 40 years and  are happy to invest in our community by supporting BNSC Timbers. 


Boise Nationals Timbers Uniform Try-ons


Boise Nationals Timbers Uniform Try-ons

Try-on Dates: July 11, 12, 13 at Soccer Etc.
Times: Noon - 8pm: 11th & 12th. 4pm-8pm: 13th.

For more information download our PDF: Download


Boise Nationals Timbers Announcement


Boise Nationals Timbers Announcement

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Timbers today announced the addition of the Boise Nationals Soccer Club (BNSC) as part of the “adidas Timbers Alliance,” a strategic partnership with elite local youth clubs in the Timbers’ development territory, designed to build unique working relationships and development opportunities to help channel the top youth players towards the Timbers’ development programs and the Timbers Academy.

BNSC, established in 1986, is the first adidas Timbers Alliance club in the state of Idaho. The oldest soccer club in Idaho, BNSC was founded as a boys club and since its inception has won over 70 percent of the Idaho state championships while appearing in 90 percent of the state title games played. This included BNSC winning nine out of 16 Idaho state championships last year. In addition, BNSC has produced 19 Gatorade State Players of the Year, as well as the only National Gatorade Player of the Year in any sport from the state of Idaho.

“We are thrilled about forming this groundbreaking partnership,” said Timbers youth sporting director Mike Smith. “BNSC has an incredible history and aligning with them helps us to promote player development in Idaho at all levels, as well as keep an eye on its most promising players.”

With the establishment of this partnership, BNSC will be renamed as Boise Nationals Timbers (BNT). BNT will gain access to exchanges with other alliance clubs that will be observed by Timbers staff as well as college coaches. Local camps will be held by Timbers staff to help identify players for their academy teams. The BNT coaching staff will also receive training directly from Timbers staff members for the purpose of implementing the Timbers curriculum and ideals throughout the club. In addition, players will have the opportunity to join combined Timbers teams for regional competition. Coaching clinics will also be made available in conjunction with the T2 game held in Boise on June 4.

“We are incredibly excited to be the first Timbers Alliance club in Idaho,” said BNSC club president Chris Billings. “We look forward to working with the Timbers to create opportunities for all of our kids, families, and coaches that would have not been possible before. That this partnership coincides with the club’s 30th anniversary, makes this announcement even more special as we have found a great partner to work with on the future of the club.”

As part of the alliance, the Timbers share coaching resources and curriculum with alliance clubs in the development of both boys and girls players. Youth players from across the Timbers development territory all have the opportunity to try out for a Timbers Academy team or a place in one of the Regional Training Centers throughout the state as well as the Olympic Development Program. 

Started in 2012, BNSC becomes the eighth club in the adidas Timbers Alliance, which encompasses the Timbers Homegrown Territory that includes Oregon, Southwest Washington and Idaho. Boise Nationals Timbers joins clubs in the Portland metro area (Westside Timbers, Eastside Timbers), Central Oregon (Bend FC Timbers), Southern Oregon (Rogue Valley Timbers), the Willamette Valley (Capital FC Timbers, Eugene FC Timbers) and Southwest Washington (Washington Timbers) in the Timbers Homegrown Territory.


BNSC Product makes USMNT U19's





CHICAGO (April 15, 2016) –U.S. Under-19 Men’s National Team head coach Brad Friedel has called a 20-player team that will travel to Slovakia to compete in the 2016 Slovakia Cup set between April 20-29.

The U.S. will face Georgia on April 25 in Modranka, Ukraine on April 26 in Bernolákovo and host nation Slovakia on April 28 in Senica.

At the same time, Group A – Russia, Czech Republic, Norway and FRY Macedonia – will play each other with the top two teams in each group advancing to the tournament final on April 29 in Myjava.

The roster includes one player born in 1999 and the rest born in 1998. These players hope to be part of the 2017 U-10 World Cup team.

U.S. U-19 MNT Roster by Position:

GOALKEEPERS (2): Benn Diaz (Queretaro; Los Angeles, Calif.), Ben Hale (FC Dallas; Frisco, Texas)

DEFENDERS (6): Hugo Arellano (LA Galaxy; Norwalk, Calif.), Danny Barbir (West Bromwich Albion; Allentown, Pa.), Marlon Fossey (Fulham FC; Surbiton, England), Nabilai Kibunguchy (Sacramento Republic; Sacramento, Calif.), Hector Montalvo (FC Dallas; Frisco, Texas), Alexis Velela (New York Cosmos; San Diego, Calif.)

MIDFIELDERS (7): Eric Calvillo (New York Cosmos; Palmdale, Calif.), Pierre Da Silva (Orlando City SC; Port Chester, N.Y.), Luca De La Torre (Fulham FC; San Diego, Calif.), Sebastien Des Pres (RSL Arizona; San Diego, Calif.), Ander Egiluz (Athletic Bilbao; Getxo, Spain), Nelson Hunsinger (Leg A-Z; Mary Esther, Fla.), Weston McKinnie (FC Dallas; Little Elm, Texas)

FORWARDS (5): Colby Agu (Capital Area Railhawks; Cary, N.C.), Ernesto Espinoza (Club Tijuana; San Diego, Calif.), Joe Gallardo (Unattached; San Diego, Calif.), Brandon Vazquez (Club Tijuana; Chula Vista, Calif.), Isaiah Young (PDA; Berlin, N.J.) 

 The BNSC Force Awakens—April 8, 2016


Join Boise Nationals Friday, April 8th at the Red Lion Downtowner for THE event of the year, as The BNSC Force Awakens! Purchase tickets & donate cash or items to your team's "basket" at Please indicate which team(s) you are affiliated with (if any) when you purchase tickets or donate items. Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on awesome vacations, merchandise & services, honor our graduating seniors and raise funds for scholarships for kids in need at this fun dinner/auction/party. Tickets are $35 each & include the dinner & gala. If you purchase tickets before March 1 you get a $5 discount.  Doors open at 5pm and the auction will be completed by 9pm. Everyone is welcome to stay & continue to socialize after the event, too. Let's try to get at least a table of 10 for every BNSC team! Questions? Contact Heather Langer at 860-1271 or 

 Do's and Don'ts of Soccer Recruiting

Do’s and Don’ts of Soccer Recruiting
Do: Narrow down your list (When to start thinking)

  • Sophomore year: Start thinking about colleges
  • Junior year: Have your list to 5-6 colleges and do research and visits on schools (meet players, coaches, attend camps)
  • Senior year: Have your list down to 3-4 school, and you might even be contacted by a team outside of that list because of your play
Don’t: Get your heart set on one school before you do any research
  • Make sure you take into account all the factors (Academic, social, athletics, etc.)
  • It’s a huge mistake to choose a school because of someone else’s recommendation. What do you want (academics, social environment and athletic environment)?
  • You need to investigate:
    • Does the coach want you?
    • Will you make the team
    • The roster (If you’re a goalie— do they already have that position filled?)

Do: Know the rules
  • NCAA doesn’t give you any leniency for ignorance. You really need to do your homework and the best place to start is to learn the NCAA rules. If you are uncertain of something you can always contact the NCAA for more information.
Don’t: Be obnoxious or over-attentive
  • Coaching is a full-time job. There is a difference between contacting, showing interest, and the other side, which is being a little obnoxious and overbearing.
  • NCAA has a rule that coaches can only contact you once a week
  • Once you’re a freshman in high school you can be recruited. Everything you do from then on has an effect on you being eligible. What you’re doing at freshman year and what you’re doing at senior year has an effect.
  • If you contact a coach more than once a week you’re starting to overbear.
  • Easiest way to contact a coach is through e-mail (you don’t want coaches to start avoiding your calls)
Don’t: Be under attentive
  • Every 10 days, maybe twice a month contacting. If you really want to have a relationship with the coach, then have a relationship with the coach. Make personal contact (don’t make mom or dad call). Follow up on the season; ask about experiences with the team. Doing this shows real interest.
Do: Introduce yourself
  • An introduction letter is very important and not a reproduced one. Make this letter something personal.
Don’t: Send a fill-in-the-blank mass e-mail
  • Make sure you introduce yourself even if it is through a letter. Seeing a face makes you easier to identify and is more personal. You have to remember the coaches will identify the players they want.
Do: Let them know why you want to be there
  • Let them know why you want to attend the school (e.g. coaching style, academics… this is why I think I would be a good fit for the team…)
  • Talk about why you personally would be a great addition and what you would bring to the team
Do: Get out your video camera
  • One of the best ways to see a player play is video. Some coaches want videos showing your best moments, and some want full games.
  • Think about giving a little bit of a teaser (highlights and adding on a game at the end). Important thing is when you get into the game portion of the video you identify yourself. (I’m on the Blue team, center midfield and I’m wearing number 8). Identify key moments in the video to see— this helps coaches who may have time restraints.
Don’t: Let your mom send your 6th grade championship videos
  • Go to your coaches and ask them to send most recent games to a school and to put in a recommendation letter. High school coaches want to help you the best they can and reach your dream.
  • With YouTube, you can put it in an easier format for a coach. It’s easier for the coach to handle an e-mail link over receiving a huge collection of videos.
Do: Have three positive references
  • Get the right people to write your recommendation letters. Think about what these people are going to say about you.
Do: Keep your grades up
  • Players forget this. A lot of people think that just because they’re athletes someone will bend the rules or give them a break. The NCAA is very concerned about student-athletes, academics and graduation rates. Today there is more pressure on coaches to makes sure their student athletes graduate from colleges. Why would a coach recruit a player that has bad grades when it could affect the coaches’ number of scholarships or job stability?
  • Coaches are looking for students who have a sincere concern about their academics and they want people who are doing well on their testing (ACT and SAT).
  • Soccer will get you to the door but you won’t get in if you don’t have academics
Final Thought:
  • Would you come to this university if you didn’t make the soccer team? If the answer is no, don’t go to that university. If you would go to the university even if you didn’t make the team, this could be the right university for you. Enjoy this time, investigate and prepare yourself to make the right decision. It will be one of the biggest decisions of your life.



 GK Training Schedule

Spring Goal Keeper Training Schedule:

  • Wednesdays at 7th Day Adventist Church
  • U15-U18 4:30pm-5:30pm
  • U10-U14 6:00pm-7:00pm

 Adrian Arguello earns National All Stars call up

BNSC's own Adrian Arguello has already had a busy 2016.  US Youth Soccer named 2016 ODP All-star team that Included Adrian Arguello.  Adrian was selected to the Region IV 2001s team that traveled to Costa Rica  to compete in the Costa Rica Tours, where he continued to impress scoring 1 goal, and racking up two assists during the three games.  Adrian's goal came in the first game: "In Cartago, an exciting match progressed between Region IV and Cartago. Region IV was able to build a quick lead thanks to goals by Alec Diaz and Adrian Arguello.

Adrian's impressive form earned him an invite to the USYS ODP National All-Stars to be held in Argentina later in  March.   Coach Brad Thorne said "Adrian has always been a special player, I am not sure he realized it himself when he was a younger player.  I had the privilege of coaching him for several years, and I can say that Adrian is not only a great player, but a quality young man.  The recognition he is receiving now is due to his hard work, and it is well deserved."

 Scott Moorcroft- Director of Coaching Development Announcement

BNSC is extremely excited to announce the hire of Scott Moorcroft as the Director of Coaching Development (DCD).  Scott brings a wealth of knowledge both in soccer, and education.  BNSC Club Director Matt Billings said “if you look across the country the programs that invest in youth development, and coaching development alongside a strong philosophy are seeing the most success. The DCD position will assure that our coaches have the resources they need. Scott is exactly the type of quality person, top coach, and top educator that will keep BNSC progressing into the future.”    

Scott returns to Nationals after helping lead both the Under-14 Liverpool and Under-19 boys teams in 2012 to the Far West Regional Quarterfinals. Scott is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction with an emphasis in Kinesiology at Boise State University. His dissertation research assessed a coaching community of practice model for the continuing professional development of youth sport coaches and his research focuses on continuing professional development models in coaching and athletics. Scott is also a Program Coordinator and instructor within the Master of Athletic Leadership Program at Boise State. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the Department of Kine