Recreational – Coaching Staff

Boise Nationals Youth League Coaches FAQ

Game Times: Games are expected to start on time and coaches initiate the start of each game.

  • U5/U6 games have 16 minute halves with a 3 minute half time.
  • U7/U8 games have 20 minute halves with a 4 minute half time.
  • U9/U10 games have 24 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.

Game Setup:

  • Under 6 games are 3v3 with no goalkeepers.
  • Under 8 games are 4v4 with a goalkeeper included.
  • Under 10 games are 6v6 with a goalkeeper included.

Game Management: Game start, refereeing, and time keeping are the responsibility of the team coaches. Coaches will organize the opponent’s coach for starting the game and then who will keep time. Coaches should ensure they agree on a policy for refereeing the game (we recommend only calling obvious fouls) and then enforce how they see fit.

Refereeing: Obvious fouls that would be a free kick include: tripping, pushing, and handling the ball. Please be lenient especially at the U5/U6 age group. Any and ALL free kicks given are indirect meaning they cannot be shot directly into the goal and scored without a second player touching the ball first. If a ball is shot directly into the goal off a free kick, it is the opposition’s goal kick. Most games should have very very few free kicks, many games with no fouls at all.

  • A ball out of bounds on the sidelines of the field is a throw in for the opposition to the team that last touched the ball.
  • A ball out of bounds on the goal line that is put out by an attacking player is a goal kick taken on the goal line in U6 and inside the goal box for U8 and U10.
  • A ball out of bounds on the goal line put out by the defending team is a corner kick. The ball is played in by the attacking team at the corner of the field nearest where the ball went out.
  • All goal kicks, corner kicks, and kick ins are taken by one player with their feet. Opposition must be 3 yards back from all free kicks.
  • No whistle is needed or encouraged for refereeing, instead just coach the players in the rules of the game.

Equipment: Fields will be lined with paint and have goals provided. Teams must supply a game ball and players must be in uniform. Socks need to be over shinguards and shinguards and close toed shoes must be worn. Plastic and rubber cleats are allowed. No metal cleats.

Parent’s Role: Parents are encouraged to promote good sportsmanship and assist their team coach. Please shout encouragement to players and do not shout directions to players. Please allow the team coach to be the only one directing their players. A positive environment for players to shine is our goal and therefore allow players to think on their own and encourage them to do their best.