Youth Academy

Recreational Youth Academy League Soccer (Ages 5-9)

Traditional youth leagues rely upon parent coaches to train the players in the program. The level of coaching varies greatly and quality control is almost non-existent. In our BNSC program, we do rely upon a parent volunteer to help coach during the games, but all training is conducted by a member of our paid coaching staff. The Academy Director is responsible for training his staff of coaches who provide all of the training for the players in our program. Parents who wish to coach are welcome to volunteer and assist in training the players as well.
Practice sessions are run two nights a week at several locations including Manitou Park in East Boise, Sunset Park in North Boise and at Jabil in Meridian. Each night is comprised of a one hour long training session to ensure development, creativity, and fun. All teams then play games on Saturdays at Simplot Sports Complex in Boise.

The benefits of our program compared to a normal youth soccer program are immense. For the player who simply views soccer as an activity to have fun and be active, our coaching staff is much more adept at providing a FUN, active environment than the average parent volunteer. Our coaches have obtained licenses and are well versed in a wide variety of activities and games that ensures that kids have fun and want to continue playing. For the player who loves soccer and can’t get enough, they have unlimited opportunity to play, under the guidance of knowledgeable, licensed, professional coaches who will develop players and provide a level of player development simply not available in a traditional program. So whether you are a recreational player looking to have fun, or the next international soccer star, our Academy offers an experience that you cannot find anywhere else.