Football Betting Bet Types

Football betting is probably one of the most popular types of sports betting worldwide. A lot of different sportsbooks best are listed here at often have to hire on extra staff just for the football season because it is so busy. During football weekends they also tend to stay open 24 hours a day just to accommodate the large traffic of bettors they get during the football betting season. If you are not familiar with football betting or you are new to the betting world then you will soon find out there are several different types of bets that you can place when participating in football betting.

Straight Bet

A straight bet is a standard and fairly simple bet compared to some of the other types of betting that are available. To place a straight bet all you have to do is place your wager on which team you think will win. It is pretty simple and it should be one of the first bet types that you try out to get some practice before moving on to other types of bets. The straight bet has payout odds of 11/10. So for example you have to wages $55 in order to win $50.

Money Line Bet

If you are just beginning in the gambling world then you will come to realize that money line bets can be a little confusing at first. First of all the money line bet, unlike the point spread bet, is only concerned with who wins. The favored team will be signified by a – sign and the underdog is represented by the + sign. So for an example you have Tampa Bay +120 and New York Yankees -130. What these numbers mean is that if you want to wager on Tampa Bay, which is the underdog you would have to place a bet of $120 to win $100 and with the Yankees, the favored team, you would bet $130 to win $100. Smaller bets of $5 or $10 can also be placed even though money lines use $100 as units.


The parlay bet is probably the most popular type of bet that is available today. It is a popular favorite among the beginners and people new to the gambling industry. The parlay bet is a good type because you can place a rather small bet and still have the potential to be rewarded with a big payoff. To place a parlay bet the bettor will have to pick two or more teams to win for one specific bet. If at least one of your teams loses their game then you lose your parlay bet even if all of your other teams win. Parlay bets are considered to be a little more risky but they are still pretty popular in football betting. Your chances of winning seems to get worse with the more teams you add so make sure you keep it small, having at least 2 different teams. Parlays provide risk and entertainment at the same time.