BNSC Technical Training Staff

Select and Youth Academy Director

U5-U8 Boys and Girls Youth Academy - T.J. Thaemert -
U9 Boys and Girls Select - T.J. Thaemert -

Associate Director 

U10 – U13 Competitive Boys – Brad Thorne –

Club Director of Coaching

U10 – U18 Competitive Boys and Girls – Matt Billings –


The BNSC Technical Training Staff (TTS) is responsible for BNSC player and coach development.  The TTS is comprised of a Director of Coaching and a staff of Technical Directors & floating coaches.  The TTS is responsible for each of the following elements of the BNSC program:

  • BNSC Curriculum
  • Coach Selection
  • Training Evaluation
  • Competition Program
  • Off-season Training
  • Floating With All Club Teams
  • Game Evaluation
  • Coach Assistance & Cover
  • Parent Feedback & Appeal




2015-16 Competitive Coaching Assignments  

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Girls Coaching Staff   Boys Coaching Staff

U10: (Cosmos) Coach: Pending

U10: (Juventus) Coach: Cesar Valencia

U11: (Monaco) Head Coach: Pending

U11: (Celtic) Coach: Brad Thorne and Scott Lewis

U12: (Breakers) Head Coach: Yana Maxwell

U12: (Barcelona) Coach: John Gwin

U13: (Flamengo) Head Coach: George Kovacs

U13: (Bayern) Head Coach: Brad Thorne

U13: (Cruzeiro) Head Coach: Ron Ray

U13: (Bayern Blue) Head Coach: Robbie Prokop

U14: (Ajax) Head Coach:  Abby Fereday
Assistant Coach:  Theron Fereday

U14: (Galaxy) Head Coach: Bill Taylor

U14: (Lyon) Head Coach: Curtis Crystal

U14: (Galaxy Blue) Head Coach: Chadwick Pearsall

U15: (Sao Paulo) Head Coach: Chad Hartley
                                                   Krystle Nitu

U15: (Madrid) Head Coach: Matt Billings

U16: (Premier) Head Coach: Mark Prince 

U15: (Atletico) Head Coach: Logan Emory

U16/U17 Combined Head Coach: Yana Maxwell

U16: (Arsenal) Head Coach: Jared Vreeland and Erin Luthy

U17: (Premier) Head Coach: Matt Billings

U16: (Chelsea) Head Coach:  Stan Rodriguez


U17: (Inter) Head Coach: Stephen Marshall

U18: (Premier) Head Coach: Mary Trigg

U18: (Liverpool) Head Coach: Bill Taylor/Stan Rodriguez

U19: Premier: Head Coach: Pending

U19: (Premier) Head Coach: Pending


Contact Information

Associate Director

U-10 – U-13 Competitive Boys – Brad Thorne –

Associate Director

U-10 – U-13 Competitive Girls – Matt Billings –


    Select and Youth Academy Director

U5-U8 Boys and Girls Youth Academy- T.J. Thaemert -
U10 Boys and Girls Select - T.J. Thaemert -


Club Technical Director





BNSC Coaches Code of Conduct

As a BNSC coach, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Be a good role model. Demonstrate self-control, integrity, and professional behavior on and off the field.
  • Show respect for players, parents, opponents and referees.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship. Maintain a balanced perspective.
  • Support the principles of BNSC and follow the direction/curriculum established by the DOC.
  • Run organized and challenging team practices.
  • Attend and be on time for practices and games.
  • Ensure that the travel plans and expectations of the team are clearly communicated early in the season.
  • Clearly communicate team goals and expectations to parents and players.
  • Provide players and parents with written player evaluations each season.
  • Be approachable to players and parents to help them resolve problems.
  • Be dedicated to player development. Praise effort, not just good results. Teach and inspire.
  • Challenge individual players to improve their skills and understanding of the game.
  • Use positive reinforcement and use appropriate and consistent discipline for inappropriate behavior.
  • Ensure that the players have an emotionally and physically safe atmosphere to learn and play soccer.
  • Recommend that an injured player receive proper medical treatment.
  • Ensure that a medical release for each player, a first aid kit and ice are available at every practice and game.
  • Reinforce and support the BNSC tradition of academic excellence and community involvement.
  • Cooperate with players and their other extra-curricular events.
  • Work with your team manager, parents and DOC to ensure the best team harmony and to create a fun environment. In addition, support and foster club level activities.
  • Continue upgrading your soccer education and proficiency as a coach.
  • Maintain equipment that is issued to you and return it to BNSC at the end of the playing year.
  • Adhere to the BNSC Code of Conduct and the BNSC Handbook.


Coach For Idaho's #1 Soccer Club!

For those interested in coaching for Idaho’s premier soccer club, please get into touch with Matt Billings (BNSC Club Director).

Matt can be reached at 208.954.9805 or by

A few of the benefits of coaching for BNSC include the following:

  • Coaching Development Seminars & Meetings
  • Coaching courses are paid for by BNSC
  • A methodology of proven success and merit
  • Our coaching staff is a family in which all members are equal
  • PRIDE of wearing the famous BNSC of Idaho’s oldest & most successful soccer club
  • Positions range from apprenticeships to paid coaching positions
  • Opportunity for advancement


Idaho's Premier Coaching Staff

The strength of BNSC has long been the depth and quality of the coaching staff.  The BNSC Coaching Staff is comprised of both a Technical Training Staff and a Team Coaching Staff.  We take great pride in a staff that is indisputably the top staff in the state of Idaho and one of the best in the Region.  Our coaches are selected based upon each of the following areas: coaching experience, playing experience, proven success, education, commitment, personality relative to age group and character.  While all members of the Technical Staff are required to have a current national coaching license, all members of our coaching staff as a whole either have coaching licenses or are in the process of obtaining a license.  

Our depth is unparalleled, giving families the comfort that each and every year you will not be left wondering if you will receive a quality coach.  We have a stable of both experienced and young coaches who we develop for the future, to ensure the quality of our staff for years to come.  Young coaches are mentored and developed alongside experienced staff to continue our legacy of Idaho’s top coaching staff.  Our coaches stay with teams for one or two year cycles before moving on to a new team.  The quality and depth of our staff ensures that you will have a quality coach every year.  Across the board, the vast majority of our coaches also work exclusively with one team.  While it is not guaranteed, most of our teams also have two or more coaches, to ensure quality development for our players.

Staff Facts

  • Idaho’s largest staff with 50 coaches
  • 30 former collegiate players
  • 20 National Licenses (C or higher) obtained
  • 10 current or former high school varsity coaches
  • 7 current or former collegiate coaches