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Sun Cup 2015 Announcement

Due to the conflict of date with the BNSC Sun Cup 3v3 event and the Boise State University 5 A-Side Tournament, the Boise Nationals have decided to cancel this year’s event. We encourage you to sign up for the BSU event. Registration is available at the following website:

BSU 5 a-side July 25th

We will resume the Sun Cup in the summer of 2016 with a date that will not conflict with the other events in town.

Additionally, we encourage all of our players and teams to register for the Northwest Nazarene University 7v7 event on Saturday, August 8.

Thanks for supporting our local university programs.

Why 3v3?

3v3 tournaments are a great way to test your skills and enjoy a friendly day of competition. 3v3 soccer is fast and high scoring with players using there dribbling, shooting, and combination passing skills in a small field environment that calls for precision and creativity. 3v3 encourages good technique and quick decisions while allowing for creativity to be rewarded directly with goals.

3v3 tournaments are fun family events that feature competition for children and adults. A 3v3 is a full day event starting early morning with team sign in and registration and lasting all day with teams playing 3 or more games throughout the day. Families arrive early to check in and see the tournament draw. Upon finding their group game times, players and families are free to watch and hang out or enjoy the fun activities set-up around the field which often include: soccer tennis, fastest shot radar, bounce houses, and concessions. There is always something to do or watch and often families never the leave the park. However, players are free to leave with their parent or guardian (if under 18) and come back at anytime.

For more information or questions about 3v3 contact the BNSC office via email or phone (208) 342-2249.

2016 Sun Cup 3v3 – Heroes Park 3064 W Malta Dr, Meridian, ID 83642

Step 1: Get a team together of friends your same age or in the age division you want to play (the oldest player on the team determines the age division). You need at least 4 players and a maximum of 6 players.

Step 2: Pick a uniform color and an alternate. Each team must have a light and dark jersey but usually teams just need to play in their main color.

Step 3: Pick a team name and be creative. 2008’s Liverworst won the title for best name, can you beat that??

Step 4: Choose a team manager and have them register the team (Team Registration fee $110) and either make a payment online for the team or mail one check for the entire team to our office. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE JULY 21st. TEAMS THAT HAVE NOT COMPLETED THEIR PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED.

Step 5: Gather together birth certificates copies for proof of age (keep copies of birth certificates in a safe place, like in a locked car) and print out waivers (teams can have one team waiver for the entire team ) for parent signatures or players over age 18 can sign themselves.

Step 6: TEAM CHECK IN: Team managers need to gather all waivers or have one team waiver and must ensure payments are in. Team check in will be Saturday morning 8:00am to 10:00am at Hereos Park in Meridian. Teams must check in at least 30 minutes prior to their first game and must check in as a team not as individuals. Team’s will be able to see and copy their team’s schedule at check in. Team’s will recieve their player bracelets that act as players cards at check in as well.

Team’s adding players after check in will need to present the player and their waiver to the tournament staff to receive an armband. No player may play on more than one team in the same age group.

That’s it! Its simple and a fun way to play so get your team together and we will see you out at the fields!!!