Best Kids Soccer Goals

Soccer is a world-famous sport. People play it professionally and just for fun; in fact, a lot of players even earn their livelihood through it, and it’s a great game for kids, especially to teach them coordination and keep them active! The game seems quite simple to play; just kicking a ball around a field, dodging your opponents, and making sure that ball reaches the goal.

Best Kids Soccer Goals Reviews

The goal is basically a net attached to or stretched across a frame, which is made out of plastic or metal. It is an essential part of the game because the ball hitting the goal is the main way of scoring. If you’ve gotten your kid interested in soccer, the next step is getting a soccer goal. Here are our top picks:

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals

This soccer goal is easy to assemble, available in multiple sizes, and highly durable. It is definitely one of the best ones in the market because it will last for years of soccer games.

It is made out of fiberglass and steel, which makes it quite light and easy to carry around. This also makes it weather-resistant, so you can play even when the skies aren’t sunny. And the steel in its construction also makes it water, dust, and rust resistant. So it will carry or acquire no damage from corrosion.

As stated before, it is very light in weight, which makes it easier to carry around. This means you can take it anywhere with you, whether on a family outing or when you go for outdoor trips – just as a little extra activity for the kids to enjoy.

Plus, it is super easy to set up and take down, which is always welcome. This way, you don’t have to deal with any sort of hassle and can even set it up in your own backyard or a nearby park.

This soccer goal, along with being portable, also includes tie-down ground stakes, which give it greater stability and make sure it can hold its own. It also comes in multiple sizes, giving you a wide array to choose from and making sure you can find the size to fit you.

INTEY Soccer Goals

INTEY Soccer Goals

With this soccer goal, you will be able to kick with a bit more force because this is a really strong one. Even after it takes a large number of strong shots, it stays firm and is able to bounce balls off easily. This is because the net is made out of polyester and is not one, not two, but three strands thick. Plus, the 450D Oxford fabric is known for its high durability and is actually sewn in a way that prevents tearing.

It is even portable. All you need to do is strap it over your shoulders and take it out with you to your nearest park or your backyard. You can even use it indoors. And apart from that, it can even be taken on family outings, to the beach, picnics, or wherever soccer can be played. Plus, its arc-shaped top makes the goals steadier and gives you greater space to play in.

What’s more, the bag the goal comes in is of cylindrical design and is also made of the same durable 450D Oxford fabric. This keeps the goal from getting dirty or damaged when not in use. And it is a good layer of added protection and storage.

Dimples Excel Soccer Goals Kids Soccer Net

Dimples Excel Soccer Goals Kids Soccer Net

This soccer goal is the perfect one if you don’t want something that is difficult to use or set up. All you need to do for this one is pop it and fold it up. It’s so simple that even a 5-year-old can do it. It is also extremely light, so that makes it a great gift for a child who loves soccer or wants daily soccer practice time.

It has actually been made in the perfect portable size after a lot of research and testing. Thus, it is easy for you to carry around wherever you may need it due to its lightness. Or even your own child could carry it since it is that easy to transport. Your children can carry it over their shoulders and take it wherever they like, to the beach, a picnic, a park, etc. It also fits perfectly in the trunk of the car.

If you have had a problem with flimsy nets or frame poles, you won’t need to worry about it here. The soccer net is made out of highly durable Dacron material, which is twice as thick and stronger than most of the nets you will find. This, combined with the fiberglass goal poles, makes it way lighter than steel while still retaining the same amount of strength. It also comes with eight ground pegs, which are made out of stainless steel. This increases the stability of the goal and makes sure that it stays in place even with kicks of greater force or severely windy weather.

Things to Consider

Now that we have discussed and reviewed our top picks, you might have an idea about what to look for when buying a goal. But just to give you a bit of extra help, we have listed some factors down below that can affect your decision.

Net Size

Soccer nets come in different sizes, of various heights, widths, depth, etc. But if you are going to be buying one for your kids, it’s better to get a size that accommodates them, especially if they are starting out or simply using it for practice.

To get an idea, choose something that can easily fit indoors and in your backyard. This is so that if the child wants to play but isn’t able to go to the park, they can still fulfill their wish and have fun right at home. And it’s better if the goal is easy to move and carry as well.

Quality and Durability

Most of the nets are made out of standard polyethylene, polyester, or nylon with some sort of wood or metal for the poles and frame. But these aren’t the only materials used now. You can find even more durable materials such as Dacron or Oxford, which are used to make the nets. And for the poles and frame, fiberglass is a great option. This is because it makes the entire structure extremely light, making it easier for the child to carry it around themselves.


Now since there are a lot of sizes available in soccer goals, you want to buy something that suits your child the best, with respect to size and weight. Choosing something that is easy to assemble or set up, light in weight, and portable is key. This is so that the child doesn’t have to be reliant on you to have fun.

If they want to play a little soccer, they can just set the goal up themselves, indoors or right in their backyard, and just go at it. Plus, the goal should be of a size that can easily be used indoors as well.


Well, there you have it: a full review on some of the best soccer goals for your kids. All of these products are high in quality and great for use, so you won’t be going into any sort of deficit by getting one. But even if you don’t think these suit you, there is still a wide variety to choose from in the market. And what’s more, now you know what to actually look for when getting one!

We hope you are able to find something suitable for you with the help of this article.