BNSC has a long history of excellence in the area of player development. Our player development philosophies have led to our success on the fields and in player placement at the college level, a category in which we have excelled. We believe in developing the person first and promoting character through competition. However, we also believe in excellence on the field and that starts with individual player development.

We break our development up into six developmental categories, both within our Youth Academy and our Competitive Program:

  • Youth Academy: Ages 3-10
    • Ages 3-4: Super Soccer Tykes
    • Ages 5-10: Youth Academy – Recreational
    • Ages 8-9: Select

The Youth Academy focuses primarily on having FUN. It is our goal for kids to develop a passion and love for the game that our staff nurtures through a methodology that fosters enjoyment first and foremost. We also believe that the Academy age is the most vital age group regarding player development in the areas of both motor skill and skill acquisition/ball mastery. Our Academy seeks to provide enjoyment for all and opportunities for growth and development for those who wish to eventually play in our competitive program. As the only youth program in the state in which every session is run/overseen by a licensed, professional coach, our development at these ages is unsurpassed.

  • Competitive Program: Ages 10-19
    • Ages 10-12: Technical Phase
    • Ages 13-14: Learning Phase
    • Ages 15-16: Competitive Phase
    • Ages 17-19: Complete Player Phase

Our early History lies primarily in elite player development. As a club that started out as a premier boys club, we have a long history of placing players in college, a great indication of player development. We seek to build complete players through a progressive and comprehensive curriculum, which is monitored and overseen by our Technical Training Staff and Team Coaches. Our curriculum borrows ideas from all of the following places:

  • US Soccer Federation
  • KNVB – Dutch Soccer
  • Liverpool Football Club
  • The English FA
  • Brazilian Soccer
  • Etc.

The four developmental phases of our curriculum are borrowed from Liverpool Football Club (“LFC”), one of the top academies in the world, where our Director of Coaching (“DOC”), Coe Michaelson, was a member of the Community Coaching Staff for LFC prior to becoming the DOC for the Boise Nationals. Each phase has primary and secondary goals, as well as learning/skill checklists. We seek to develop players in each of the four pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical & Psychological.

At the younger ages we focus almost exclusively on technical development, with the individual’s development the priority over results. Players are allowed creativity to make decisions, while the coach is a facilitator or guide. All players play at least half of the game on average in the Technical Phase while they also have the opportunity to play multiple positions over the course of a season. It is not our goal to develop one dimensional, position-limited players, but rather complete soccer players, who are creative, have confidence on the ball, and understand the roles of multiple positions on the field. While our approach may mean that we sacrifice results at the younger ages at times, we are repaid at later ages, when winning becomes more important and we have players who understand the game and play it the right way.

As the players grow older, we ensure that they not only receive all of the technical training necessary to progress, but also the ideas and concepts that are necessary and foundational to quality soccer in the final stage of their development. Once players arrive at U17, the team takes priority and players should have the skills and understanding necessary to succeed in a more tactically demanding system of play.

BNSC recognizes that not all players have the same drive and ability. Regardless, it is our goal to develop every individual to their fullest potential, through quality training and an environment that fosters a love for the game. When we are successful at this, we find players who love to play and develop through training on their own. Another concept borrowed from LFC is that of TABS.

  • Technique
  • Attitude
  • Balance
  • Speed

The philosophy is that all four letters represent a concept which any driven player can improve upon and develop on his/her own. We encourage players to take the game home with them. For further questions on the BNSC curriculum and developmental philosophies, please contact the Technical Training Staff.